Fashion E-commerce for introspective anglo-Japanese "third culture kid" unisex collections


Fashion E-commerce for introspective anglo-Japanese “third culture kid” unisex collections

Case Study

We worked with SAGE NATION, by Sage Toda-Nation to deliver a strong yet clean visual offering with his now second going on to third capsule collection. Like many “third culture kids”, SAGE NATION explores the dislocation between his contrasting cultures; born in Japan and growing up in England, Sage’s ‘satogaeri’ (which roughly translates to my returning home) and the rediscovery of his homeland serves as the narrative throughout his garment conception & production. The visual balances, brand narrative, and commerce experience needed to embody these properties; an intersection between western establishment & eastern philosophy.

From top to bottom there is a close focus on fabrication through traditional materials, analogue constructions and design methods. By focusing on these core areas, the collection offered familiar elements, realised in completely unique ways. As a partner on the project, we realised the digital narrative & experience within these definitive guidelines to design & develop a seamless E-commerce UX & delivery strategy.


Brand Strategy, UX & UI, Web Development, E-commerce, Content Marketing, Video Production + Editing, SEO, Brand Narrative & PR

NOSTOS ALGOS collection
NOSTOS ALGOS collection